General Information

  • How far in advance do I need to place a custom order?
    We usually need 2-3 business days to create your custom order. However, we can often put something together for you within 48 (within working days) hours, depending on what flavor and size cake you need. Please send an email to or call us at (704) 375-7400.
  • Do you have a dessert, cake or cupcakes available to purchase, today?
    We carry several choices of decorated cakes, brownies, bars, cupcakes and pound cakes. Please ask for a Tizzerts staff member to assist you or call us at (704) 375-7400 to check on available options, before heading over to the bakery.
  • Which local retailers carry Tizzerts’ products?
    Click here to view retailers in the Charlotte area who carry our products.
  • Does Tizzerts make shaped or 3-D cakes, cakes iced in fondant or “character” (Sponge Bob, Dora, etc.) cakes?
    Tizzerts does not make these types of cakes, but offers a large variety of cake sizes in round, rectangular and square.  We do offer creative background scenes (hand-drawn in buttercream) and other options for “fun” cakes for children and adults.
  • How do I transport my cake safely, if I am picking it up?
    It is easy with a few tips in mind:

    • All cakes and desserts should be placed on a level and flat surface, in your vehicle, such as the back of a SUV. Your front floor board is another ideal spot to keep the cake safe and cool.  Do not stack boxes, as they might shift.
    • You should not put your cake in your vehicle’s trunk – too hot and may shift!
    • You must keep the cake and desserts cool.  You do not want to leave any cake or dessert in an un-airconditioned car for more than a few minutes.
    • Traveling 2-4 hours is the maximum amount of time we suggest for cake transport. Watch for sun shining on the cake box….move if necessary.
    • For longer distances, you can use flat and frozen soft ice bags underneath any cake box with a white kitchen trash bag tied around the box for a “hand-made” cooler.  Most coolers are too narrow to allow square cake boxes to fit.
  • Is everything on my cake edible?
    For most of Tizzerts cakes, everything is completely edible, including candy decorations, and rice paper images.  Fondant bows and tags are technically edible, but will not be very tasty.  A few of our designs have additional adornments such as gum paste flowers, which may contain obvious wired stems.  Fresh flowers on wedding cakes should not be eaten.
  • Does Tizzerts offer gluten-free or sugar-free products?
    We do not offer these products at this time.

Order Information

  • How do I pay for my online order?
    Orders placed online must be pre-paid by phone at 704-375-7400.  You will receive a confirmation email with in 24-48 hour which will include the amount you owe for your order.
  • Do you have a standard ordering policy?
    • Any cake including a customized hand-drawing or an edible image requires Payment in Full when the order is placed.
    • 48 hr cancellation notice is required to receive a full refund except on custom cakes where no refund will be given.
    • We will refund the entire deposit paid for cancellations made with a notice of 4 full work days (does not include Sundays, on which we are closed).
    • We will retain the entire deposit paid for cancellations made without a notice of 4 full work days.  If a cake is not picked-up (forgotten!) on the Order date, we will do our very best to contact you about getting the cake on that date.  Otherwise, your order will be held for pick-up for the next business day and full payment is expected for the completed order.

Delivery Information

  • Does Tizzerts offer delivery?
    We contract with a delivery service that will carefully transport our perishable and sometimes fragile desserts to a local home, business, restaurant and other venues. Tizzerts offers delivery within the Charlotte and surrounding communities. Contact us for more information. We need 3 days-notice for the order and we also ask for a 3-hour delivery window on the day of delivery within 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. to ensure receipt of the dessert(s).  Delivery charges vary; the minimum delivery fee is $29.00.  Please note that our drivers must have a signature from someone in order to leave a cake or dessert (cannot leave on a doorstep).
  • Will you ship my cake if I live outside the delivery area?
    We do not ship our cakes or other desserts, at this time.